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#95 - Echoes (Season 4)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette & Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 10 November 2007 (France 3)

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Official summary
Following their victory against Xana, our heroes gather for one last time to definitively shut down Supercomputer, and in as much put an end to their lives of adventure, danger, and unforgettable experiences… Yet only Yumi seems ready to turn the page: Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita clearly don’t want these times to end! In re-living some of their most intense and memorable adventures, the now retired Lyoko Warriors come to grips with the end, while Sissi finally unveils their secret…

Detailed summary
The atmosphere is morose at our heroes’ table in the cafeteria. All seem lost in dark thoughts. As proof, Odd isn’t even hungry!
Sissi comes to ruffle their feathers even more by mocking them and their depressed mood, without even a smile, Odd replies but in a more menacing manner than anything. Sissi addresses Ulrich but is quickly brushed off and leaves once more.
Yumi arrives and, unlike the others, she seems more motivated. She asks if they’re ready to shut the Supercomputer down, not receiving very enthusiastic responses.

In her room, Sissi gloats. She has stuck a GPS locator on Ulrich’s jacket and is going to use it to discover the gang’s secret…

Laboratory, Supercomputer room. Jeremy walks forward and asks if anyone wants to say anything for the occasion…an important chapter in their lives. Ulrich, Odd and Aelita don’t seem willing but Yumi volunteers for the task. She has no regrets about shutting the machine down. A flashback of different fights Yumi had against XANA’s monsters accompanies her speech. A smile appears on her lips.
Jeremy takes the handle…
…and tries to do the deed…without success. It’s not the Supercomputer at fault…it’s simply the unwillingness of the young genius who talks about all that’s happened. First turning the machine on, then shutting it down. He can’t do it…which makes Yumi gripe, accusing him of not wanting the Supercomputer to be destroyed. Jeremy doesn’t deny it. Exasperated, the Japanese girl turns to the others but is met with similar attitudes. They don’t want to turn the Supercomputer off…

Still at the school, Sissi has just found the position of the five friends: in the abandoned factory. She decides to skip Jim to go there and tells Herb and Nicolas to find an excuse for her absence…

Yumi contemplates her drink but does nothing, deep in thought. She’s brought from her reverie by Jeremy who wants to explain why he voted against the shutting down of the Supercomputer…before Lyoko, he had no friends, he was the school big brain…but now, he has them, the four of them, and with the destruction of the machine, he’s afraid their friendship will be destroyed too… Yumi reassures him by saying that their friendship is stronger than that. That she believes in it.

In the gym, Jim is calling the roll. Jeremy is late but doesn’t say anything and when Jim gets annoyed asking where Sissi is, Nicolas responds that she lost her mind after seeing aliens…class starts and Jim gives them several possible definitions of RSG, each as stupid as the last. During this time, Ulrich and Odd discuss their reasons for not wanting to shut down the Supercomputer. For Odd, it’s because he’s afraid of becoming bored, afraid of missing their adventures. Another flashback. Ulrich reassures him by saying that with all the activities he has to do at school (sport, music, picking up girls…) he doesn’t think Odd will get bored. With a smile, Odd agrees…
Concentrating on the class as Jim asks, the teacher makes a fool out of himself again by hurting his back while attempting an RGS demonstration, which prompts Odd to say that the initials must stand for “Rusty Squeaking Gym teacher”, followed by a trip to the principal’s office.
Odd then asks Ulrich why he didn’t want to turn the Supercomputer off and asks him not to give him Jim’s “I’d rather not talk about it” routine. Ulrich responds in a nostalgic tone “I liked being a hero.” Odd doesn’t manage a reply…

Sissi arrives at the lab and discovers Jeremy’s video diary, starting to watch it. She’s stupefied: Jeremy begins to recount everything. First off, the start of their adventure…

Leaving class, Yumi is accosted by William asking her if they’d turned the Supercomputer off yet. She responds with a no: the others are hesitant. William doesn’t understand, don’t they know that the machine is dangerous? Of course they do, Yumi responds. But they’re nostalgic… “And you?” William asks. She’s thinking that lift will be better without Lyoko… William agrees and says that they’re the same, they always remain hopeful, to which Yumi replies that yes, she remains hopeful, except when it’s a lost cause…and then “See you ‘round, pretty boy!”

The principal’s daughter doesn’t return. She continues watching. Jeremy continues to recount all: the different attacks by XANA. Sissi is horrified. Earth is in danger…

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Aelita are waiting for Ulrich and Odd as they’re scolded by the principal. Aelita tries to explain her motivation for refusing to shut down the Supercomputer, but Jeremy stops her: he understands completely.
Flashback…for Aelita, shutting it down is saying goodbye to her past and to her father…but…maybe it’s time to move on to something new…a more carefree life…
The conversation switches to the fact that they saved the world tonnes of times but that no-one will ever know…
Sissi arrives at this moment and reveals that she knows their secret and is going to tell her father everything!

In the principal’s office, Ulrich and Odd are being lectured, the principal doesn’t find Odd’s joke “RSG = Rusty Squeaking Gym teacher” funny. Suddenly, Sissi bursts into the office, followed closely by Jeremy and Aelita in a panic. Ignoring her father’s complaints about her interrupting him while he was doing his job (scolding Odd and Ulrich), she starts to reveal everything, trying to convince her father, saying that he must go to the factory and lock the five friends up. She explains XANA’s various attacks in a few strange-sounding sentences, causing her father to wonder if she’s lost her mind. He ends up dragging her to the infirmary as Nicolas and Jim watch. The teacher apologises to the student: Sissi really has lost her mind.

Sitting on a bench, Yumi waits for her friends. Ulrich comes and informs her that the others are at the factory to launch a Return to the Past. The last one…
Yumi seizes the opportunity to ask her friend if he’s still against the Supercomputer’s destruction. Ulrich responds that he doesn’t know, but the Japanese girl quickly contradicts him. Flashback with scenes of Ulrich and Yumi… Ulrich ends up confessing that he wishes it could never end… Yumi takes his hands: “There’ll be plenty of other good times, even without Lyoko.” “Promise?” “I swear.”
In the lab, Jeremy launches his final Return to the Past. The white sphere envelops the world, while the two friends look at each other tenderly…

Once again in the cafeteria, Sissi begins to tease the four friends. Odd greets her and offers her a croissant, rudely refused by Sissi. She tries to stick the GPS tracker on Ulrich again but he stops her in time. “We don’t have any secrets! And if you wanna stay friends with us, just stop trying to mess us up.” Sissi can’t believe it, “You mean…we’re really friends?” The three others agree enthusiastically. Of course, without her, life at Kadic would be so boring. Sissi turns to Herb and Nicolas and warns them not to mess her friends up. Put down, the two leave. Beaming, Sissi also leaves, greeting Yumi as she passes her, causing Yumi to smile back.
This time, the atmosphere is much lighter and they happily accept to go back to the factory, the five of them together.

In front of the Supercomputer, Jeremy asks who votes for shutting it down. Everyone raises their hand. With a large smile, Jeremy turns to the machine and flicks the switch. Slowly, the Supercomputer descends into the floor. That’s it, it’s over…forever…

Back in the park, they’re caught by Jim asking them what they’re doing. Odd responds with a smile that they’ve closed the book on an unforgettable adventure. The teacher understands perfectly, he also abandoned his teenage dreams one day to become an adult. Odd then asks suspiciously “You’re actually an adult?” and Jim replies, as usual, with “I’d rather not talk about it…”

Shots of the four heroes on Lyoko saying goodbye with large smiles. A shot of Yumi, Odd, Ulrich and Aelita in the Desert Sector looking at the digital sky with joy. At the factory, the closed case of the Supercomputer glows in the dark.
The adventure is over…

- Launch of the final return to the past to erase Sissi's memory.
- The Supercomputer is shut down.
- Episode contains a number of flashbacks.
- Discovery of Jeremy's video diary.


About the characters

- First time Odd says he's not hungry.
- Ulrich loved being a Lyoko hero, he thinks that without Lyoko, Odd will have more time for girls, and he loved the adventure so much he wishes it wouldn't end.
- Odd loved Lyoko as an escape from a super ordinary life, he pretends that all the girls at Kadic are at his feet and declares that life at Kadic would be boring without Sissi.
- Jeremy can't believe that he and his friends spent three years saving the world and nobody will ever know about it.
- When he came to Kadic, Jeremy was the big brain of Kadic before discovering the computer and meeting Yumi, Ulrich, Aelita and Odd.
- Aelita thinks the shutting down of the Supercomputer won't put an end to her past, to her father and she thinks the fight against XANA was terrible and amazing at the same time, she says it's time she set off on her new life; a carefree life.
- Sissi discovers the factory for the fifth time and discovers our heroes' secret in Jeremy's journal, then loses her memory with the return to the past and stops being friends with Herb and Nicolas.
- Jim reminds us that being rude to teachers results in detention, he thinks Sissi lost her head when she tells her father about the heroes' secret and he abandoned his teenage dreams to become an adult.
- Yumi is the only one who seems ready to turn the page, thinks her life will be just as good without Lyoko, that their friendship is stronger than anything, she understands that her friends are nostalgic about the adventure and how they vanquished the dangerous evil the Supercomputer presented and promises to spend more time with Ulrich.
- The heroes' flashbacks are extracts from episodes: the prequel; Swarming Attack; Routine; Code Earth; New Order; Exploration; A Great Day; Saint Valentine's Day; Temptation; Ultimatum; A Fine Mess; Déjà Vu; Is Anybody Out There?; Franz Hopper; The Key; Straight to Heart; Aelita; The Pretender; Final Round; William Returns; Double Take; Opening Act; Wreck Room; Skidbladnir; Maiden Voyage; I'd Rather Not Talk About It; The Lake; Lost at Sea; Lab Rat; Bragging Rights; Dog Day Afternoon; Lack of Goodwill; Distant Memory; Hard Luck; Guided Missile; Kadic Bombshell; Canine Conundrum; A Space Oddity; Cousins Once Removed; Music to Soothe the Savage Beast; Wrong Exposure; Bad Connection; Cold Sweat; Down to Earth and Fight to the Finish.

About errors

- When Sissi is watching Jeremy's journal he says he's an eighth-grade student but when he activated the Supercomputer he was in year 7. He's also wearing his season 4 clothing for most of the recordings, which shouldn't be the case. Thirdly, the recording of the events in XANA Awakens are filmed in the lab, but in part 1 of the prequel he was shown writing the diary in his dorm room.
- In the diary, Jeremy says that when William was possessed by XANA, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd managed to save Lyoko, although William was lost. But this wasn't the case: Lyoko was destroyed by William under XANA's control.
- During the flashbacks where Odd receives slaps from Claire Girard and Magalie De Vasseur (A Fine Mess) we hear his voice, but it was Yumi who was in his body at the time.
During the flashback when Odd receives a slap from Emilie Leduc, Emilie phrases her question about the rumour in a different way and Odd says “ouch” when he receives the slap, while in the episode in question (Swarming Attack) he said nothing.
During Yumi and Ulrich's flashbacks fighting the Hornets in the Mountains (A Great Day) we hear Manta lasers firing instead.
- When Jeremy's flashback shows a shot of the Hermitage, the sign on the gate says Ermitage, as in the French version. A separate background with an H on the front of the house's title has always been used for the English version (among other dubs).

About the series

- French title: Souvenirs

- Only episode without any virtualisations.
- When Sissi wants to reveal the whole truth about our heroes to her father, she talks about the XANA attack in the following episodes: the prequel; Teddygozilla; Swarming Attack; The Trap; Contact and The Pretender.
- When Sissi watches Jeremy's video journal, he talks about the XANA attacks in the following episodes: Killer Music; A Bad Turn; Ultimatum; Sabotage; Double Trouble; William Returns and Cousins Once Removed.
- Only time in the series the heroes address the viewer directly.


Odd: And I’m not that hungry.
Ulrich, Jeremy and Aelita: Yeah, neither…

Sissi: Well it looks like the lame-o club’s all depressed today!
Odd: That always happens when you show up.

Yumi: Hey guys! Well, today’s the day, I guess! Everyone ready?
Odd: Yeah…

Sissi: Bingo! Thanks to this mini-GPS, I’m gonna find out what Ulrich and his dorky little gang’s secret is at last!

Jeremy: Well, it’ll all be over this time. Do any of you wanna…say something?
(Shot of the four others looking like lost puppies, except Yumi who clears her throat)
Yumi: Ahem. We’ve had our share of ups and downs. Hours of detention, hours of glory. The five of us…have gotten used to life with Lyoko. Now it’s time, for a new life without it… Go on, Jeremy.

Yumi: What? Are you out of your mind? What’s wrong with you?!
Jeremy: I can’t shut it down…
Yumi: You can’t Jeremy? Or you won’t?!
Jeremy: I don’t know…

Nicolas: What do you want us to say?
Sissi: I dunno, just say the first thing that pops into your head!

Jeremy: I wanted to explain to you why I voted against shutting down the Supercomputer.
Yumi: I’m not in the mood to hear that either.
Jeremy: Do you remember me when I came here? The big brain of Kadic, straight A computer genius and not one single friend. I discovered Lyoko, and everything changed for me. I became a hero who could save the world…!
Yumi: Did you expect us to keep playing superhero until we were eighty? It had to end sometime!
Jeremy: I know, but…I don’t wanna lose what we’ve got together, our friendship… Our friendship is directly linked to the Supercomputer. I’m afraid that if we shut it, it’ll also shut our friendship down… See you later, I’ve got gym…
Yumi: Hold on! I understand what you’re feeling. But you’re wrong: our friendship is too strong to shut down.

Jim: Delmas? Delmas! ELISABETH DELMAS! Does anyone know where Sissi is?
Nicolas: She ran into some aliens and went totally crazy.
(The class laughs)
Herb: Are you nuts or are you just dumb?
Jim: Aliens, huh? And little green men like you, Poliakoff?

Jim: Right, today’s lesson is RSG. No, RSG does not stand for Rough Sports Games, or for Raunchy Slobbering Gorilla, or for reeking stink of Garlic. RSG means Rhythmic Sport of Gymnastics, known today as just rhythmic gymnastics.
Ulrich: Odd, can I ask you a question?
Odd: About RSG?
Ulrich: No! About the Supercomputer. Why’d you vote not to shut it down?
Odd: I was afraid I’d miss it.
Ulrich: Miss what?
Odd: The fighting, the adventure, the heroics…all that fun stuff. Without Lyoko, life’s going to be awfully boring, don’t you think so?
Ulrich: Boring? Finally having the time for music and sports is not exactly what I call boring.
Odd: Ok, point for you. It’s true, I know how to have fun when I have the time.
Ulrich: And you’ll also have the time to find a new girlfriend!
Odd: All the girls are crazy about me already! I don’t need any extra time! Ahem…now that you mention it, a little extra time wouldn’t hurt. You’re right, that’s two points for you.

(Jim attempts an RSG demonstration but twists his spine)
Odd: Hahaha! Rusty Squeaking Gym teacher, so that’s what RSG stands for, huh!

Odd: By the way Ulrich, what about you? Why didn’t you want to shut the Supercomputer down? And don’t give me Jim’s “I’d rather not talk about it” routine.
Ulrich: I liked being a hero.

Sissi: Let’s see now…diary of Jeremy Belpois…very interesting…!
(Sissi presses a key and an image of Jeremy appears, beginning to recount the beginning of the adventure)

William: Is it a done deal? Did you shut it down?
Yumi: No, not yet. The others aren’t…ready.
William: But…that’s crazy! Did they forget how dangerous the Supercomputer is?
Yumi: Of course they know how dangerous it is! But they’re just too nostalgic…
William: And you’re not?
Yumi: No, I think life without Lyoko’s gonna be different, but ok!
William: So you’re exactly like me! You’re an eternal optimist.
Yumi: Not when it’s a lost cause! See you 'round, pretty boy!

(In the lab, Sissi is listening intently to Jeremy’s diary, which is explaining each attack they’ve faced over the years in minute detail)
Jeremy: …interesting anecode: Sissi helped us out! And kissed Ulrich on the bridge.
Sissi: I WHAT?!
Jeremy: We have to save Lyoko! The Earth is in danger!
Sissi: Noooo!

Aelita: If we shut down the machine, it means saying goodbye to my past…and that my father…all of this was so terrible…and great at the same time…but…but…
Jeremy: But now, it’s time to move on to something new?
Aelita: Yes…something more carefree.

Jeremy: You know, it’s really crazy, when you think of all we did and no-one is ever gonna know anything about it…
Sissi: I know everything! And wait until I tell my father!

Mr Delmas: And you interrupted me as I was scolding Stern and Della Robbia!
Sissi: You shouldn’t scold them, you should lock all of ‘em up! They’re lunatics! They put the whole world in danger!
(The door opens on Jeremy and Aelita, running in a panic)
Sissi: Aha! Jeremy! Who’s the smart one now? Now that I’m onto your little secret! Don’t feel like making fun of me now, do ya, Odd?!

Sissi: Listen to me, I’m serious! For months they’ve been fighting a dangerous computer program in a virtual universe. They put their own lives in danger, and ours too! Because of them, the school was invaded by swarms of hornets, killer crows, and even a deadly giant teddy bear! Even you, my sweet little daddy, were possessed by the program! You even fought against Ulrich on the bridge to the old factory! Luckily I was there and I was able to knock you out at the time, but other times I could’ve been killed! I was violently attacked by electric cables, I was stranded in the elevator and then a crazy teacher possessed by body so he could have a long conversation with them! Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say?!
(In the playground)
Sissi: No, not the infirmary! Let me go! You have to go to the factory!

Jim: Huh, looks like that poor kid Sissi really is off her rocker. I apologise, Poliakoff.

Ulrich: Jeremy’s gotta launch a Return to the Past. The last one…
Yumi: How about you, Ulrich? Still against shutting down the Supercomputer?
Ulrich: Well I honestly don’t know…
Yumi: Oh yes you do.
Ulrich: I-it’s been so great, I-I just don’t want it to end…
Yumi: There’ll be plenty of other good times, even without Lyoko.
Ulrich: Promise?
Yumi: I swear.

Sissi: Hey lame-os, what’s up?
Odd: You want my croissant, Sissi?
Sissi: I’d rather kiss your dog. Ulrich honey, how’s it going?
Ulrich: Better without your GPS locator.
Sissi: …what are you talking about?
Ulrich: Sissi, cut it out. We don’t have any secrets! And if you wanna stay friends with us, just stop trying to mess us up.
Sissi: You mean…we’re really friends?
Jeremy: Why sure!
Odd: Yeah! School would be so boring without you!
Sissi: Oh! Uh, well…see you later, good buddies! (to Herb and Nicolas) As for you, don’t let me catch either of you two dorks trying to mess my friends up! (passing Yumi) Hi Yumi! Nice to see ya!

Jeremy: And now, who’s in favour of shutting down the Supercomputer?
(Everyone raises their hand)

Jim: Well if it isn’t the fantastic five! What kinda trouble are you up to now?
Odd: Oh nothing at all, we just closed the book on an unforgettable adventure filled life with heroism and danger.
Jim: Yeah…hm…well, we’ve all been there, Della Robbia. You know, one fine day I also gave up my teenage dreams to become an adult.
Odd: No kidding! You’re actually an adult?
Jim: I’d rather not talk about it…


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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