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#17 - A Professional Career Guaranteed (Evolution)
Screenplay: Hadrien Soulez Larivière - Synopsis: David Carayon
First aired in France on 20 April 2013 (France 4)

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Official summary
Note: this summary has been translated by a fan, and is therefore unofficial.

A man, Graven, turns up at the school to meet Jeremy and Laura, leading them to believe he's looking for bright students to send to a high-ranking university of science in Switzerland. He's actually one of Ikonov's agents who's trying to find out if Jeremy and Laura are the computer whizes threatening his plans. Even if Graven came to the school at random, he knows our heroes reside in the region thanks to the tracking device left on Lyoko by a Ninja in episode 14. Our heroes find the device, but when trying to destroy it, they discover that it has a defence mechanism that sends off an electromagnetic pulse capable of sending them into the Digital Sea... To get rid of it, they carefully take it to the Cortex. But the path is strewn with obstacles... They finally make it, only Graven has managed to break Laura and more or less discover their secret. As a precaution, Jeremy launches a return to the past which puts everything back in order. And now that they've gotten rid of the tracking device, they're left in peace.

Detailed summary
A limousine pulls up in front of Kadic. A man dressed in black and wearing sunglasses gets out. He enters the school. Representing a prestigious university and come to look for genius students in the local schools, Jeremy is brought to him. The man in black, Graven, gives our genius a general knowledge test. First excited to have been scouted by a great university, Jeremy becomes suspicious when he notices that most of the questions are about quantum physics. He pretends he knows nothing of the subject.
Annoyed, Graven leaves to make a phone call. Jeremy eavesdrops on the conversation: our genius was a target. Graven works for Tyron and the test was nothing but a pretext to identify young kids with abnormally good knowledge of quantum physics…who are therefore likely to be the virtual avatars Tyron is facing.

Jeremy is sent away…but next on the list of good students is Laura! The blond boy must manage two problems. On one hand Laura risks revealing everything. On the other, the fact that Tyron knows the general location of the heroes…which proves that the scientist is trying to locate their Supercomputer. Jeremy goes to see Laura and encourages her to bomb her test. Then he goes to the factory with the others.

The virtual friends roam Sector Five in search of a device the Ninja planted when it intruded on them a few days ago. They discover it quickly. The small object seems indestructible: every aggressive attempt against it activates an electromagnetic defence mechanism that affects everything virtual and can damage the Supercomputer. The only remaining option is to bring it to the Cortex. Ulrich carries the delicate object and, with the rest of his friend supporting him, leaves in the Skid, destination Cortex.

Aelita, staying with Jeremy for once, returns to Kadic to check on Laura. The situation is tense: Laura didn’t fail the test correctly. Graven is now in the middle of pressuring her for information. Aelita listens attentively at the door…

In the Network, XANA’s aquatic monsters appear. Kongres prey on the Skidbladnir…which can’t tolerate even the tiniest shock given the explosive charge Ulrich is transporting. The Navskids eliminate the monsters and despite an almost fatal attack, the Skid reaches the Cortex.

At Kadic, Graven changes tactics. He proposes an assured professional future to Laura in one of the subsidiaries of the vast group Tyron is affiliated with. Aelita intervenes before Laura can respond. Feinting, Aelita offers to bring Graven to the Supercomputer. She warns Jeremy about the visit he’ll soon receive by leaving her phone on in her pocket. Einstein then prepares to launch a return to the past.

On the Cortex, Ulrich barely sets foot outside the Skid before the terrain starts to shake. Jeremy brings Odd, Yumi and William back in. Ulrich finds it difficult to move around the Cortex. Taking advantage of the terrain moving, he climbs onto a block and gets carried up high. He then throws the device far away from him. Jeremy quickly devirtualises Ulrich before the electromagnetic shockwave resulting from the device hitting the ground can reach him.

Graven arrives at the factory but a return to the past is launched. With the disappearance of the tracking device from Lyoko, Graven’s mission is aborted. The man in black leaves Kadic before he’s even set foot on campus. The heroes leave, relieved. But Laura stays back, looking at the card Graven gave her…and the possibility of an assured professional future.

- Attack: None.
- Virtualisations: Yumi/William/Odd/Ulrich
- Devirtualisations: All (by Jeremy)
- Visited Sectors: Sector Five; the Cortex
- Enemies met: Kongres (2)

- Source codes remaining: Not revealed
- XANA's power: Not revealed

- Destruction of the beacon left by the Ninja in episode 14.


About the characters

- First appearance of Graven.

About errors

- At the end of the episode Laura inspects the card for the Quantum Research Center. However, it should have been erased with the return to the past.

About the series

- French title: Un avenir professionnel assuré

- This episode builds on what happened in episode 14 “Intrusion”. The Lyoko Warriors discover the object left by the Ninja in Sector Five.
- First fight in the Digital Sea in Evolution: first appearance of Kongres; first time the Navskids are detached; first time William fights in a Navskid.
- First time a Kongre tries to bite the Skidbladnir and damage it with its teeth.
- Second time Odd pilots the Skid in Evolution.
- First time four Lyoko Warriors are virtualised at the same time.
- This episode is the first that breaks the back-and-forth pattern of Code Lyoko Evolution, where episodes are alternatively focused on the fight against XANA (spectre attacks) and the fight against Tyron (the Cortex, Ninjas, etc.).

About references

- The brochure on the Quantum Research Center that Jeremy receives from Graven is written in “Lorem Ipsum”.


Note: these quotes have been translated by a fan, and are therefore unofficial.

Graven: Do you know about quantum physics?
Jeremy: Well…I heard them talking about it in…in a…in a science fiction book. Oh yeah, I love science fiction…and comics.
Graven: I'm talking about quantum physics. Do you know anything about it, yes or no? This is your professional career that's in question.
Jeremy: No, I'm sorry sir, I don't know anything about it.

Odd: And do we know what this thing looks like?
Aelita: No.
Odd: I mean is it small, large, twisted, flashing?
Aelita: I don't know, Odd.
Odd: Great! Maybe it's invisible, who knows?

Odd: Aelita should be the one checking underneath.
Yumi: We don't need her. The Ninja couldn't fly. It must have left it somewhere easily accessible. Think about it.
Odd: Bah, maybe the thing has little wings.

Yumi: There's nothing here either. But there aren't that many places it could be hiding.
Odd: And what if it just threw the thing? And well, it might as well have done it. Maybe it's a device with a little parachute.
William: Stop it, Odd. I already saw it, I was fighting with it, it didn't have the time.

Ulrich: I found it!
Odd: Uh Aelita? This is it, we've found the Ninja's stupid thing. What do we do now?

Odd: Ulrich, have you put a seatbelt over your little thing?
Ulrich: Odd! Now's not the time for jokes.

Odd: What about a little loop-de-loop?
Yumi, Ulrich, William: Odd!

Entries in the Lyoko TNV

Odd: Pfff… It's like looking for a pixel in the Digital Sea!

Odd: This bother is starting to bother me…

William: This Ninja piece of dirt devirtualised me before Ulrich even grazed the skin… Bad memory…

Yumi: All for one and one for all…

Ulrich: I have the impression of holding a thermonuclear bomb in my hands… I need to stay calm.

Yumi: Odd I beg you, this is not the time to play daredevil.

Odd: It's time for Kongre stew!

Odd: Now that's what I call perfect timing!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

Comment from William_fan - Posted on 22-07-2011 à 10:48

Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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