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#65 - Final Round (Season 3)
Screenplay: Laurent Turner - Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette
First aired in France on 8 November 2006 (Canal J)
First aired in the USA on 23 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
William has joined the gang of Lyoko warriors. He can’t wait to go into his first combat to take on XANA and the virtual monsters! The others try to curb his enthusiasm: XANA is a far more dangerous adversary that William can imagine. At that, each of them returns to manage their academic demands. But quickly XANA goes on an attack to wipe out Lyoko once and for all. For one reason or another, Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi all find themselves unable to leave Kadic Academy. Only William and Aelita are able to go to Lyoko to fight against XANA, and so they do. But once William arrives in Sector 5, he lets his bravado get the better of him and ignores Aelita’s advice. As a result, the pair is separated and XANA is able to take possession of the boy. When Yumi, Ulrich and Odd finally make their way to Sector 5, they find themselves pitted against William who has become the super-powerful general of XANA’s army. They must fight against him to spare the Heart of Lyoko from certain destruction… can they do it before it’s too late?

Detailed summary
The group is at the factory in the scanner room. The group now has six members! William is officially one of them! He rediscovers the factory, as the Lyoko Warriors watch him carefully. William must keep the secret of everything concerning the factory and XANA!
Everything set up, Jeremy tells him to enter a scanner so the Supercomputer can analyse his subconscious and create his virtual appearance, and more importantly, make him immune to the returns to the past! This done, William officially becomes a definitive member of the group.

The heroes return to the school. After all, they still have their school life to take care of as well. Before separating, William expresses his strong desire to go to Lyoko and fight XANA. The heroes bring him down a notch: it's much more serious and dangerous than William can imagine!

The next day, Yumi stays at her house, Ulrich and Odd go to the gym where a skateboarding competition is being held. Odd finds a surprise waiting for him there: Samantha, the girl he was crushing on a while ago (episode 23) but who moved away, has returned for the day. This looks promising!

William trains in the park while Jeremy and Aelita are in the blond's room. Jeremy si satisfied: his program to localise Franz Hopper is finally ready. Aelita is impatient and proposes they go to the factory immediately. On the way out, they stumble across Milly and Tamiya. The reporters remind Jeremy about an interview they had planned on how the boy spends his day! Unable to get out of it, Jeremy passes the program on to Aelita so she can launch it herself. He than starts responding to Milly's questions, about as exciting as a cat grooming itself…

Unfortunately, when Aelita gets to the factory, she discovers that XANA is attacking the Core of Lyoko. She calls her friends in a panic.
Jeremy is stuck with the journalists who are fighting about each other's role, but still won't let Jeremy get away!
Yumi is at her house, and promises Aelita she'll get there quickly. Just as she hangs up, she discovers Hiroki at her bedroom door, determined not to let her go.

Ulrich is contacted while Odd is in the middle of a run on the skate ramp. He asks Samantha to give a message to Odd: “get to he-knows-where right away”. He then goes to leave, but runs into a terrible surprise: his father is there, looking very stern (no pun intended), wanting to have a word with Ulrich about his latest report card.
William is the only one left, he runs to the factory!

Not allowing themselves to waste any more time, Aelita virtualises herself and William. They arrive in the room with the key and William starts to goof off and behave childishly, leaving Aelita to manage the key on her own. Although she reminds him that neither of them are there to have fun, the words don't seem to reach William.

At the Ishiyama residence, Yumi negotiates with her brother, begging him to let her leave without him telling their parents. Faced with his refusal and obvious unwillingness, she tricks her younger brother and rushes out onto the streets.

Ulrich is in the principal's office with his father receiving the berating of a lifetime. Ulrich's marks aren't improving and his father refuses to hear any excuses, leaving Ulrich head down and sheepish. At one point, the adult even goes to say that Ulrich's failings are because of his friends. Losing all restraint, Ulrich violently argues that his father knows nothing about his friends!
He's then contacted by Jeremy, who has managed to escape Milly and Tamiya and get to the factory. Excusing himself, Ulrich begins to leave. The strict man shouts to his son that he hasn't finished talking to him, but in an almost disappointed tone, Ulrich replies that he has finished listening… Then the student goes to the factory!

Odd, who hadn't been given the message by Samantha so that they would be together longer, is also called by his friends. He then realises what Samantha had done. He asks for an explanation, and Samantha explains that she wanted him to stay with her because she'll be leaving very soon. She puts the boy in a bad situation by asking whether this thing he was needed at was more important than her. Odd responds that yes, it is, before slipping out…

The three heroes rush to the factory, just after the disaster!

Aelita had activated the key, however William stayed back to kill more Creepers and was blocked off from the heroine by a new wall appearing, and then saw the Scyphozoa coming towards him. When Aelita finds him again, it's too late: the symbol of XANA is in his eyes.
Aelita attacks with her energy fields; they're nullified by Williams sword. The teen then sends a wave of energy towards Aelita through the sword, devirtualising her in one hit!

In the Core Zone, the army of Creepers XANA sent has a new leader. William grunts for them to begin the assault, his sword glowing with charging energy!

Yumi, Odd and Ulrich go in together! With William, the Creepers charged the energy in their lasers, attacking all at once: the first shield layer doesn't stand a chance!

The Lyoko Warriors burst into the Core Chamber to see the second layer go!
From high up in the room, the Creepers become agitated, watching William jump into the void and land in front of the Lyoko Warriors for the final battle!

He and Ulrich face off. When Ulrich gives the signal, Odd and Yumi set off to take care of the Creepers. William sends a wave of energy at Odd, hitting him in the back for a one-way ticket to the scanners…

Ulrich rushes at William; the XANAfied warrior overcomes him and Ulrich is also devirtualised!
Yumi has started destroying the Creepers. She doesn't notice William slipping behind her and slashing her! As her virtual envelope disappears, she tells him that she knew it was a bad idea to trust him.

Lyoko is lost! William, bathed in a violet glow, floats towards the Core, vulnerable without its shields. He thrusts his sword into it, the evil symbol showing more than ever in his eyes.
With a terrible noise, Sector 5 shakes!

The windows disappear from the control screen, Lyoko has disappeared…
Even worse, Jeremy didn't have the time to rematerialise Franz Hopper, who his program detected earlier…

Somewhere, far in the debris of Lyoko above the Digital Sea, William floats in the foetal position, asleep.
His eyelids open, showing regular human eyes. He then opens out, an immense, orange symbol of XANA drawn onto his torso! His appearance is now truly diabolical.

The heroes go to the Hermitage, realising that they have no way of fighting XANA. Aelita, away from the group, looks sadly at a photo of her father; she'll never see him again… Jeremy's computer suddenly beeps! He has been sent an encrypted message from somewhere on the Network!

It originates from Franz Hopper!

There are things we can’t list! This time, we ask you to refer to the detailed summary!

- Shaka


About the characters

- We learn that “Sam” is a nickname and her full name is Samantha Knight.
- First time Milly and Tamiya have a serious argument.
- Discovery of William's Lyoko form and his XANAfied Lyoko form (after the Core's destruction).
- Hiroki is a fan of the “Wheelchair Zombie” saga.
- Jeremy likes to have hot chocolate, cereal and maple syrup for breakfast.
- Jim was once a roller derby champion and for once, he simply doesn't have the time to talk about it.
- Ulrich's dad was a good student with straight As.
- Ulrich and his dad haven't spoken to each other for a year.
- Sam, the girl Odd was crushing on in episode 23 “Rock Bottom?” had actually moved to the coast. She comes back for one day!
- Allusion to the game “Galactic Battle”.
- Ulrich's dad's voice changes from when we first saw him in episode 21 “Zero Gravity Zone”.

About errors

- In one shot, Christophe M'Bala's skateboard is red instead of green.
- The handle on the door to Jeremy's room is on the left instead of the right.
- The red button to call the lift is absent when Yumi, Aelita, William and Odd leave.
- Odd's skateboard changes between the moment it's leaning against the ramp steps and when his run is over.
- The front door of Yumi's house opens towards the outside instead of the inside and it's brown instead of grey.
- Behind Ulrich in the gym during the skate comp, Matthias Burel's pants are green and in the following shot they become blue.
- Sam's red hair streaks disappear when she tells Ulrich she can't keep her room tidy and when she watches Ulrich on the phone, and one of her streaks becomes black when she asks Odd what matters more to him.

About the series

- French title: Dernier round

- Sector 5 was destroyed through the Core of Lyoko by William (without having to resort to Code XANA).
- Fifth destruction of a Sector.
- Final appearance of the old Sector 5.
- First time Creepers charge their lasers!
- Second of two episodes in which the Scyphozoa attacks someone other than Aelita (William)! The other episode being 34, “Missing Link” when Yumi was attacked.
- The episode takes place the night of the previous episode.
- Jeremy's phone number changed, see below.
- William's phone number is the same as Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita and Odd's: (33)655-321-25!
- Yumi: “I’ll find you the entire saga of Surfer Zombie!”
In episode 63 “Triple Trouble” one of the three Odds wanted to see the fourth movie in this series.
- Ulrich: “We haven’t spoken for a year!”
He hasn't seen his father since episode 21 “Zero Gravity Zone”. This also implies Ulrich went on holiday somewhere else in between seasons 2 and 3 and not with his family.
- When Ulrich asks William if he's afraid to enter the scanner, he replies that he isn't and Odd says that Ulrich was afraid his first time, but how could he know that? Odd was virtualised when Ulrich entered the scanner, so he couldn't have been there to assess Ulrich's attitude to the whole thing.
- First of two episodes (with 66 “William Returns”) in which the episode title screen shows not a tower, but a holomap, where the surface Sectors are absent after their destruction in episodes 54 “Lyoko Minus One” (Forest), 58 “The Pretender” (Desert), 61 “Sabotage” (Ice) and 64 “Double Trouble” (Mountain).

About references

- William’s sword (a zewihander – German for “twohander”) strongly resembles the swords certain characters use in several video games! We can especially note Sigfried and Nightmare from SoulCalibur or Cloud Strife from the famous Final Fantasy VII.


Yumi: You swear not to give away the secret?
William: I swear it.

Ulrich: Well you ready? You scared?
William: Me? No, why? What about you, were you scared the first time?
Ulrich: No!
Odd: Oh yeah, right!
Ulrich: I’m telling you, I wasn’t scared!
Odd: Oh, sorry, I guess I mixed you up with another Ulrich Stern!

Jeremy: Welcome to the club, William!
Odd: Well tell us, how do you feel now?
William: Ready to take on XANA and his monsters! And I just can’t wait to see what I look like on Lyoko!
Yumi: Get real! XANA is much more dangerous and devious than you can imagine!
Ulrich: Plus, before you can put up a decent fight on Lyoko, it’s gonna take time. A lotta time.
Aelita: At first you’d better just hang back to check things out. And try to learn!

Odd: I’m signed up for the inter-academy skateboard championship! And I’m gonna win it too!
Yumi (laughing): You’re not someone who likes to steal the show either!
William: Odd is right! Because in life, you should always aim for the top!
Ulrich: Why not? That way when you fall back down, you crash a lot harder!

Odd: Thanks for comin’ with me, Ulrich!
Ulrich: Well somebody’s gotta pick you up and dust you off every time you faceplant! I mean, what are friends for, Odd?

Ulrich: Wow, incredible! You’re really up on your skateboarding, Jim!
Jim: Yep, I sure am! Actually I was a roller derby champion way back in the 70s!
Ulrich: Oh, what a shame that you’d rather not talk about it!
Jim: Actually I’d be glad to, but uh I uh…don’t have the time!

(Odd does superb tricks on his skateboard and finishes by stopping in the middle of the ramp)
Odd: And there you go! The perfect combination of exceptional skills and incredible elegance! In a word: classy!
(Sam, the rebellious girl from episode 23 “Rock Bottom?” suddenly appears in front of him)
Sam: Hey, Odd! Great run out there!
(Odd is incredibly surprised and falls on his backside)
Odd: S-S-S-Sam?! …how are you?
Sam: Not bad!
Ulrich: Now that was real class!

Milly: An this is the room of our man of the hour, Jeremy Belpois!
(Milly knocks on Jeremy’s door, he opens it and looks at the girl confusedly)
Jeremy: Huh? What are you doing here?
Milly: You’re kidding! Don’t tell us you forgot!
Tamiya: We’re filming you for a whole day for our special edition of the Kadic Herald: “A Day in the Life of Jeremy Belpois”!
Jeremy: You are? …I did forget, completely!

Odd (blushing): How weird is that to run into her?I’d almost forgotten how cool, and how pretty she is!
Ulrich: And how you’re really in love!
Odd (still blushing): Come on! Can’t you like somebody without being in love?
Ulrich: Sure, I can! But you’re totally in love, good buddy!

Milly: For breakfast, do you like juice or milk?
Jeremy: Hot chocolate.
Milly: Eggs or toast?
Jeremy: Cereal.
Milly: Butter or jam?
Jeremy: Maple syrup. Uh, honestly, are you sure your readers care about this stuff?
Milly: Look Jeremy, I’m the reporter and I know what our readers want to read!
Tamiya: So you’re the reporter? What does that make me, then? Jeremy’s right, you know, those are stupid questions!
Milly: If you have better ones, what’s stopping you from asking them, huh?!
Tamiya: You are, ok?!
Jeremy: Um, ladies…! I have an idea! We can do this interview later on, after you two have finished fighting with one another!
Milly: You’re staying here until you finish answering my fascinating questions!

Sam: Oh that Odd…he’s so…so…
Ulrich: So messy! You wouldn’t believe what his room looks like! (it’s your room too Ulrich)
Sam: He’s like me. My room’s a permanent disaster zone!
Ulrich (to himself): Seems you two were made for each other…

Mr Delmas: Ulrich Stern! Someone here would like to see you!
Mr Stern: Hello, Ulrich.
Ulrich: Dad?! But…

Yumi: I’ll sneak out when he’s not looking!
Hiroki (having heard): Dream on, sis’!

Mr Stern: I’m worried about your grades, son. That’s the reason I came. You and I have to talk.
Ulrich: I’m sorry, but today…today’s not a very good time…
Mr Stern: And I think the time is long overdue!
Ulrich: It’s just that I…wasn’t expecting to see you and…
Mr Stern: And I wasn’t expecting to receive a report card as bad as yours was!

Ulrich: Sam? Can you give Odd a message from me?
Sam: Yeah, sure.
Ulrich: Tell him to get to he-knows-where right away.
Sam: Ok.

Odd: Wow! Now this is what I call fun! Hey, where did Ulrich go, Sam?
Sam: I dunno!
Odd: He didn’t say anything?
Sam: No…
Odd: Ok! Then tell me, how was I?
Sam: Wow, you really rock!

Yumi: Let me go and don’t say anything to Mum and Dad, I’ll make it up to you, I promise!
Hiroki: You’ll make it up to me how?
Yumi: I, uh…look…wh…want me to give you my discman?
Hiroki: No!
Yumi: Ugh…I’ll…I’ll find you the entire saga of Surfer Zombie!
Hiroki: Johnny just lent it to me.
Yumi: …I’ll…I’ll do all your homework for a month!
Hiroki: Including my math homework?
Yumi: Yes!
Hiroki: Huh, interesting…but no!

Jeremy: Mycology is a very complicated science. It’s the branch of botany that deals with all forms of fungi. There are several thousand species, and they range in form from a single cell, to a mass body of branch filamentous hyphae that often produce specialised fruiting bodies. The kingdom includes yeasts, moulds, smuts, and mushrooms.
Milly: That’s what you call an interesting question?
Tamiya: My question was fine, it’s the answer that’s a bore!
(Jeremy’s phone rings and he picks up)
Jeremy: Yes, Aelita?
Milly: I’m sorry, but I’ve decided to take back control of this interview!
Tamiya: Well sure, that’s just typical! As soon as I’m the one to ask a question you get all bent out of shape!
Milly: Completely untrue!
Tamiya: No it isn’t!
Milly: Yes it is!

Aelita: Come on, let’s go.
William: Yes!

Jeremy: You weren’t planning on filming me in the bathroom? (he smiles)

Milly: How long were you planning to shoot this door?
Tamiya: It’s interesting to know how long the really good students use the bathroom, right?
Milly: Wrong!

(William discovers his virtual appearance)
William: Wow! That’s some pretty classy gear! And you? No weapon? You fight with your bear hands? What’s your superpower?
(Aelita seems annoyed)
Aelita: This isn’t a video game, William. Let me remind you that we have an important mission to accomplish.

William: Killer! This is ten thousand times better than Galactic Battle!

William: It’s a movie set! Wow!

William (seeing Creepers): Creepy crawlers! I love this! You take care of the key, I’ll take care of these guys!
Aelita: Watch it! They can be really tough!
William: Works for me. So can I!
(Aelita shakes her head while William runs at the Creepers)

Ulrich: Well, you remember when you were my age…
Mr Stern: Yes! At your age, I had straight As! And I was preparing my college application!

William: Wow! I can’t believe it! I am the man!!

William: Hey, Jeremy? There’s this really weird-looking creature that just showed up. Like some kind of uh…giant jellyfish?
Jeremy: William! Get out of there! Hurry up! William, do you hear me?!
William: I’m not afraid of some dumb jellyfish! (well you should be…)
Jeremy: William, just do what I say! I don’t know what the Scyphozoa wants with you, but it can’t be good!

Mr Stern: I’m especially concerned about your friends, Ulrich. I don’t think they’re a very good influence on you!
Ulrich: Huh?! How would you know? You don’t know my friends! You don’t even know me, in fact! We haven’t spoken for a year!
Mr Stern: That doesn’t mean I don’t know what is best for you!
Ulrich: Oh yeah?! And what’s that?!
Mr Stern: That you show respect for your work! Need I remind you that I’m the one paying, and you’re costing me a small forunte!
(Ulrich’s phone rings)
Ulrich: Yes, Jeremy? Be right there. I’ve gotta go.
Mr Stern: I’m not finished speaking to you!
Ulrich: Well I’ve finished listening.

Hiroki: Take one more step and I’ll tell Dad everything!
(Yumi’s phone rings)
Yumi: Well what a coincidence, it’s Dad! Go on and tell him!
(Hiroki snatches the phone from his sister)
Hiroki: Daddy! Yumi wants to…oh…hey, that’s not Dad, it’s Jeremy!
(Yumi has already left)

Odd: Sam, why didn’t you give me Ulrich’s message? It was really important!
Sam: Important? Oh…I’m sorry, I just…I just really wanted you to stay. We’re so lucky to be together again, even if for day, and I’m leaving tonight.
Odd: I know how you feel Sam, but…there’s something I have to do.
Sam: Even more important than hanging out with me?
Odd: Unfortunately yes.
(They look into each other’s eyes)

Jeremy (seeing the first shield layer go): If the second one goes…
Aelita: Lyoko will disappear forever…

Odd: He doesn’t look too happy to see us!
Ulrich: Yep. Looks like me when I saw my father…

Ulrich: It’s not very nice to attack people from behind!

Yumi: I knew it was a bad idea to bring you into the group…

Jeremy: I couldn’t rematerialise Franz Hopper, I didn’t have enough time…
Aelita: We’ve lost everything…
Jeremy: William as well…

Jeremy: We have no other way to fight XANA now…the entire world is in danger…
Ulrich: It’s impossible even to imagine it…
Yumi: And William…do you think he’s…
Odd: This is horrible!
Aelita (looking at a photo of her father): I was really hoping…I’d see my father again…
Jeremy: I’m sorry…I did everything I could…
Aelita: I know you did, Jeremy.
(Jeremy’s laptop starts beeping)
Jeremy: Hey…what the…this is incredible!
Odd: Well tell us, what’s going on?
Jeremy: I just received a coded message. A message directly from the Internet, and it’s signed…
Aelita: Who? Tell us, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Franz Hopper.


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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