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#14 - The Trap (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Philippe Grimond
First aired in France on 3 December 2003 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 6 May 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
The deserted factory gets a new lease on life. Xana has taken over every last mechanism. In the silence of the empty Cathedral, the crazy computer is just waiting for our friends to walk straight into its trap. Odd and Jeremy find themselves in the Machine Room which is out of control and Yumi, Ulrich… and Sissi step into the elevator and right into the trap. The elevator plummets down and crashes on the ground. Yumi is the only one able to pull herself out of the debris to go for help from Odd and Jeremy who are ready to go to Lyokô. Sissi and Ulrich, whose arm is broken, are trapped at the bottom of the elevator shaft which is rapidly filling with water. Thanks to Yumi and Odd’s protection, Aelita manages to deactivate the tower just in time to stop them from drowning. Ulrich will have a plaster cast to remember this adventure by and also the memory of seeing a very different and unexpected side of Sissi.

Detailed summary
A sound resonates in the large empty rooms of the factory, but it’s not because of our heroes…XANA is launching an attack.
A few hundred metres away, Jeremy suddenly remembers something, leaving his maths exam early. He calls the others because they met Aelita exactly one year ago; it’s in some way the girl’s birthday.

The heroes decide to go wish her a happy birthday from the factory. Odd and Jeremy go there first while Ulrich waits for Yumi outside her class… When the first two arrivals press the button on the lift, it stays immobile, before the perplexed gaze of the heroes. Jeremy suggests that there might be a power outage. He and Odd head further into the depths of the factory to search for the fuse box…
Not long after they leave the main room, Yumi and Ulrich arrive. When they press the button, the iron door inexplicably opens… But before it closes again, Sissi gets into the lift; she follows the two heroes, deciding to see if they were on a romantic getaway.

During the ensuing altercation, XANA makes a move and rocks the lift cables, which sends it falling into the darkness and crashing onto the bottom three floors below, leaving Sissi unconscious and Ulrich with a broken arm… At the same time, Odd and Jeremy are attacked by the machines which XANA took control of. They’ve fallen into a trap. Far away in the virtual world, Aelita hears pulsations.

On Jeremy and Odd’s side, the situation gets better, the two students make a path through the machines using iron bars. They survive the explosion of the boiler which XANA had made overheat. On the other hand, in the lift, the situation is serious… Yumi slips out of the cabin and gets to the lab but Ulrich is paralysed down in the shaft with Sissi. The walls above them crack, quickly releasing spouts of water from the pipes, also blocking the roof hatch with rubble… Curiously, he and Sissi are very protective of one another, especially when the so-called pest delicately places Ulrich’s arm in a sling…

Aelita is being targeted by a Krabe but manages to escape using her Creativity. She’s joined by Yumi and Odd. In the lift, the water is taking up three quarters of the space…
Driven by Ulrich’s precarious situation, Yumi and Odd, determined, execute a spectacular attack while closing in on the tower, facing two Krabes firing at close range… The heroes destroy them before both being devirtualised. But a third Krabe lets Aelita escape, rolling under the body of the monster and entering the activated Tower.
Ulrich and Sissi barely escape drowning when the code is entered and the Return to the Past launched.

It’s finally in Jeremy’s room that Aelita’s birthday party is held. The heroes are spied on by Sissi and her cronies, and only Ulrich notices her. He gives her a smile and a friendly wave…
Stupefied, she scolds Herb who says they must be crazy to celebrate the birthday of a computer, then she decrees that the next day all three of them will celebrate the birthday of her make-up kit…
One thing is sure: Ulrich's opinion of Sissi has changed…

- Attack: Take control of all the machines in the factory as well as the lift (which will be dropped down the shaft to the third floor underground).
- Virtualisations: Yumi/Odd
- Visited Sector: Desert
- Enemies met: Krabes (4)

- Return to the past to repair the damage caused by XANA in the factory, erase Sissi’s memory and avoid her drowning with Ulrich in the lift.


About the characters

- Aelita understands what an interrogation is, she finds it’s a strange concept as she has an inexhaustible memory on Lyoko.
- Sissi discovers the factory for the third time.

About errors

- Ulrich’s vest disappears when he’s almost drowning.
- The factory microphone changes often (wired or wireless)
- The marks under Nicolas’ eyes are absent at the moment when he leaves class.
- The marks under Sissi’s eyes are absent during a shot when she spies on Yumi and Ulrich in the park.
- It’s not Aelita’s icon (yellow) that we see but someone else’s (green) when she rolls under the last Krabe.
- At the moment when the RTTP is launched, we see that it’s night outside even though the episode took place during the day.
- Just before Jeremy and Odd touch the ground, the lift access panel is orange and the arrow white instead of yellow and black.
- The ceiling (access) of the lift is brown when Yumi opens it to get to the lab and when the water beings to pour down.
- The factory microphone is in Jeremy’s left ear after Aelita asks him if he had a good day when it’s meant to be in his right ear instead.
- Odd’s pants are entirely the one shade of purple after he goes into the assembly room and when he is picked up by the claw machine. They become the darker shade when he sees Yumi and Jeremy hug.
- During Ms Meyer’s test, we can see Julie Vigouroux, Anne-Sophie Munier, Anouche Bedoyan, Ninon Costes and Sandra Dialo, of year 6, and Mohamed Kantaoui, Pierre François and Tristan Broassard of year 7.
- During Ms Hertz’ class, the students keep changing seats, especially Odd who was sitting next to Jeremy, then Ulrich again. All the scenes from science class were reused from various other episodes, including a shot of Odd in maths class! Also, we can see Emmanuel Maillard from Yumi’s class.

About the series

- French title: Piège

- In this episode, the heroes have known Aelita for a year.
- First episode in which the heroes are virtualised close to the activated tower.
- First time XANA takes control of the factory assembly lines. It does the same again in episode 20, “Attack of the Robots”.
- First appearance of the other rooms in the factory. The lift operation box is situated in the control room.
- The access code for the lift shaft is 61.


Jeremy: Our brains have a limited memory capacity. We can’t store as much data as you can. In other words, compared to you Aelita, our hard disk come up kind of short!

Jeremy: I’m sorry Aelita, but I gotta go. I don’t wanna take the chance of having to introduce you to Jim! I’ll connect with you at noon tomorrow, universal time!

Ms Meyer: You may go, Jeremy.
Odd: Thanks a million, you could’ve at least stayed to give me a hand!
Jeremy: Aelita! I almost forgot that…that we met exactly a year ago today!
Odd (to Ulrich): Hey, it’s Aelita’s birthday today!
Ulrich: Yeah, I forgot all about it!
Sissi: What’s going on?
Ulrich: Mind your own business!

Sissi: Oh, I thought they’d never leave! Your friends really stick to you like glue, huh?
Ulrich: Not half as much as you do, Sissi!
Sissi: I’d like to talk to you, Ulrich. Could we have lunch together? I mean, just us two?
Ulrich: Uh…erm, sorry, Yumi’s waiting for me.
Sissi (thinking): Yumi, always Yumi, it’s time he dumped her!

Jeremy: I’d love to find a nice present for Aelita!
Odd: No problem! Why don’t you program a digital birthday cake?
Jeremy: Very funny…

Odd: Wow! I forgot what this place looked like! That’s really cool!
Jeremy: You’re kidding, Odd. Hunk of junk if you ask me…

Sissi: Well, well…nice little hiding place!
Ulrich: What are you doing here?
Sissi: I should ask you that! I wanna know; are Jeremy and Odd waiting for you, or is this your own private love nest?!
Yumi: Sissi, that is none of your business!

Jeremy: We gotta get out of here!
Odd: No kiddin', genius!

Odd: It’s too bad this isn’t Lyoko, at least I have superpowers there!

Jeremy: Oh, look at the boiler! XANA’s really after us this time! (…)

Odd: Ready for a hundred-yard dash?
Jeremy: I’m better at math than gym…
Odd: Math isn’t gonna help you this time. Ready? GO!

Ulrich: Thank you. You know, you’re a real good nurse!
Sissi: Ah! I’m not just somebody who sticks to you like glue, huh?
Ulrich: Heh…

Yumi: I was so scared!
(She and Jeremy hug)
Odd: We pushed the boiler too hard, guess it just couldn’t take it!

Sissi: And to think I dreamed of being alone with you for such a long time, but this isn’t what I had in mind at all!
Ulrich: I swear, if we get out of here alive, I’ll be nicer to you in the future, Sissi.
Sissi: Really? Jeremy and the others are gonna call for help, aren’t they?
Ulrich: Yeah, I guess you could call it that.
Sissi: They had better hurry up! Otherwise we’ll drown before you have a chance to be nicer to me!

Group: Happy birthday, Aelita!!
Aelita: Oh! …I don’t get it…
Jeremy: We’re celebrating ‘cause it’s exactly one year ago that we met you!
Aelita: Oh, I see! And am I supposed to do something?
Odd: Yeah, save me a piece of cake!
Yumi: One-track mind.
Jeremy: Don’t listen to that glutton!
Odd: Speak for yourself, four-eyes!

Herb: Oh, what a bunch of loonies! They’re celebrating their computer’s birthday!
Sissi: Well I think it’s a very trendy thing to do! Buy a cake tomorrow, to celebrate the birthday of my make-up kit!

Yumi: Odd, you’re eating all the cake, stop!
Odd: I’m hungry!
Yumi: So is everybody else!
Ulrich: Hand it over.


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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