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#3 - Holiday in the Fog (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Laurent Turner
First aired in France on 17 September 2003 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 21 April 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Jeremy manages to get himself grounded for the whole school holiday period. He wants to be there in case X.A.N.A, the super-calculator, should decide to launch an attack over the break. Sissi, who suspects Jeremy has secret activities, works things out so that she is also at school during the holidays. The Headmaster has put Jim in charge of watching over the two young people. Jeremy’s fears are confirmed when X.A.N.A succeeds in spreading highly-toxic fumes throughout the school, posing a direct threat to Jim and Sissi who are holed-up in a tiny little room. Jeremy must face the X.A.N.A all by himself, so let’s just say that it’s a hopeless situation. He calls Yumi, Odd and Ulrich to the rescue. Will they get back to school in time to lend him a helping hand?

Detailed summary
The autumn holidays approach and Jeremy leaves during the night to create a sumptuous graffiti painting of Jim on a wall of the school, a silly-looking thing with a face that resembles a donkey. He sets it up so that he is caught in the act, by the teacher himself.
Leaving the principal’s office, the brainiac announces to his comrades that he’s grounded at school for the duration of the holidays. The whole thing of course was fabricated so that the boy could monitor XANA more effectively, in the absence of his friends who do the fighting.
Sissi is surprised at the joyful antics of the kids and asks herself why Jeremy wants to stay. She then obtains her father’s permission to stay, pretending she desperately needs to revise, but actually decides to go snooping…

The final bell rings signalling the start of the holidays and the friends bid each other goodbye at Kadic’s gates (Yumi and Odd are going on holiday, and Ulrich has tutoring in maths for the week…). Sissi takes advantage of it to interfere during their “goodbyes” and points out that she will be staying to take care of Jeremy.
She quickly loses her smug look when she finds out that Jim has been charged with monitoring her study, and at the same time as watching Jeremy wash the graffiti off. The teacher forces them to work with an iron fist, lying on a beach chair!

In a storeroom, XANA’s smoke rises from an outlet and knocks over some containers of liquid whose label indicates that they are toxic. On contact with the floor the fluids evaporate, creating dense and worrying purple smoke…

Night falls and the graffiti is gone from the wall. We find Sissi plaintive on the phone with Herb…but she refuses to go to bed, as she absolutely must keep one eye fixed on Jeremy. The boy is working on his research for the materialisation program while conversing with Aelita, who thanks him for all that he’s done. The shy boy decides to go to the factory to check some algorithms and stops outside the door of the storeroom. He then discovers the smoke, which makes him cough forcibly…upon seeing Jeremy the gas escapes into an air duct. Throat on fire, Jeremy makes a lot of noise and is caught by Jim… When he returns to his room he contacts Aelita! She reports bad news; XANA has woken up.

Jeremy heads for the factory again early that morning, and the purple smoke has spread throughout the school. Jim and Sissi, pursued by it, barricade themselves in a closet. On his side, the brainiac finds the Tower and calls his friends to the rescue. The tree friends interrupt their holidays and head for the school. Ulrich enters the building to help the two prisoners, and the two other holidayers make it to the factory.
Jeremy sends them into the virtual world. The purple smoke covers the entire city.

The combat against the Kankrelats rages on in the Forest. Ulrich manages to find the closet in which Jim and Sissi are captive. Unfortunately it isn’t of much help as oxygen is scarce in the small room.

The sacrifice of Odd and Yumi allows Aelita to enter the Tower. She enters the Code Lyoko, saving the three prisoners at Kadic, who are suffocating under the effect of the smoke… “Return to the past now!”
Yet again, we find Jeremy in the act of graffiti tagging, but this time Ulrich accompanies him in his wrongdoing, to avoid his maths tutoring! The representation of the PE teacher is different this time around, far more glorious than the last. Will Jim really be that angry about it?

- Attack: Spreading toxic fumes throughout the school in search of the heroes.
- Virtualisations: Yumi/Odd
- Visited Sector: Forest
- Enemies met: Kankrelats (5)

- First sight of Yumi’s parents, Kiwi and Nicole Weber.
- Discovery of the Forest Sector.
- Discovery of Aelita’s Creativity.
- Discovery of the function of the Way Towers.
- Discovery of Yumi’s Lyoko form and her power of telekinesis.


About the characters

- First time that Jim discovers Kiwi.
- Odd’s parents are often travelling.
- Ulrich takes tutoring lessons during the holidays.
- Jim claims to have a 20-year career at Kadic.

About errors

- In two shots, the activated tower has no glow.
- The factory computer microphone changes often (wired or wireless).
- Odd’s bag disappears when he tells Jeremy how lucky he is.
- The principal’s eyebrows are grey before his daughter hugs him.
- The rolled up ends of Jim’s sleeves are red instead of black in one shot.
- The “I love you” cushion in Sissi’s room has a dot above the I where there shouldn’t be one.
- At the moment the RTTP is launched, we see it is night time outside, however the episode took place during the day.
- The door of the room in which Sissi and Jim try to hide is blue when Jim closes it and it becomes green when he puts his jacket underneath it.
- When Sissi runs to escape the smoke she is barefoot but when she runs into Jim she has shoes again, which is impossible. Then they disappear in the next shot, and reappear when she's in the closet.
- Jim puts his jacket in the crack under the door to keep the smoke out, but when they both cry for help the jacket is missing, and he is wearing it again when Sissi says they’re doomed.
- When Jim is chasing Kiwi for the second time at the very end, it is Mr Delmas’ voice we hear.

About the series

French title: Vacances dans la brume

- Takes place during autumn holidays; the action is therefore at the end of October.
- First tower activation in the Forest.
- Only episode where we see a remote control used to turn off TV on the factory computer.
- One of the episodes in which Odd refers to his arrows as Laser Flash.

About references

- Sissi (talking ironically about Jeremy): “Nice to know that the closest thing to Bruce Willis is coming to the rescue!”
Bruce Willis is an American actor known for playing numerous roles in action films and similar genres.

- Odd makes a reference to Mission Impossible, the famous TV series that originally aired from 1966 to 1973, remade later in 1988, then adapted for cinema beginning in 1996 in a story which followed the actions of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force), a group of secret agents charged with perilous missions.


(Kiwi enters Jim’s room and starts barking like crazy, steals Jim’s bed covers, licks his face, then breathes into Jim’s nostrils)
Jim: Hey! What are you doing here, huh?! You dumb dog, wait ‘til I get my hands on you! I’ll get you this time, you mangy mutt!
Odd: Yeah, way to go Kiwi!

Jim: Jeremy? You mind telling me what you’re doing outside at this hour? And that, huh?! What’s that supposed to be?!
(Shot of the graffiti Jeremy painted of a caricature of Jim, tongue hanging out with rabbit ears, etc.)
Jeremy: If I’d have had more time I could’ve done the eyes better…

Mr Delmas: I hope this will teach you a lesson, Jeremy. I don’t understand, a model student like you, you should be ashamed!
Jeremy: Uh…yes, Sir…
Ulrich, Odd and Yumi: Well, what’d he say?
Jeremy: Oh…he gave me detention for the whole week of vacation…

Odd: Cool! He really let you have it!
Ulrich: As punishments go you’re a champion!
Yumi: I’m sure we couldn’t have done better than that!
Jeremy: Anyway, XANA won’t get any vacation this time!

Sissi: Herb is right, it’s even weirder than weird! I’m going to find out just what’s going on!

Ulrich: You get to go and see your parents at the other end of the planet. Yumi’s off for a vacation in the mountains, and what do I get? A whole week of math tutoring!
Odd: Hahaha! If they think they can make a good student out of you in one week, well I say good luck to them! It sounds like mission impossible if you ask me!

Sissi: Oh don’t worry, he’s not going to be alone! I’m staying at school too, and I’ll look after him. I’ll be his guardian angel!
Odd: Wow Jeremy, are you lucky!

Jim: Get to work NOOOOOOOWWWW!!!
(Sissi laughs)
Jim: Go on, go on, laugh while you still can, young lady! Your father told me to monitor your study, and that’s what I intend to do!
Sissi: Oh!
Jim: Ok now, get to work and clean that up!
Ulrich: I don’t know why, but…all of a sudden my math tutoring doesn’t seem all that bad!

(Jeremy is working on washing the graffiti off the wall)
Jim: Come on, you can do better than that! A little more elbow grease! Keep scrubbing, go on, you can do it!

Sissi: By the way, did you do it all by yourself? Or did your friend XANA help you a little, huh?

Sissi: I overheard you talking to the other kids about XANA, she your girlfriend? Maybe I know her! Come on, Jeremy, tell me!
Jeremy: XANA’s…the name of a rock group! But with all the junk that you listen to, there’s no way you could possibly know them!
Sissi: What do you think I am, an idiot or something?!
Jeremy: Uh…you said it, not me!

Jeremy: A little more elbow grease! Go on, keep scrubbing! You can do it! Go on, you can do better than that!

Sissi: And I’m almost sure that this XANA is in on it! Tonight’s the night, I’m going to play super spy! At last I’m going to find out the secret of Jeremy and his weird friends!

Jeremy: That’s fine but if you don’t come soon, I’m going to have to spend my vacation with Sissi and Jim! I’ll never survive…

Aelita: Jeremy? Thank you. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me.
Jeremy (blushing): That’s ok…

Jim: Now don’t try to tell me that you were sleepwalking! Because I’ve been working here for twenty years, and I’ve heard that story about-

Jeremy: I know three volunteers who would be happy to cut their vacations short at home!
Customs Officer A: Hey, come and have a look at this, Charlie!
Customs Officer B: What is it? Wow, that’s incredible!
Customs Officer A: What is that, kid?
Odd: Uh…it’s a…um, looks like a skeleton!
Customs Officer B: Yeah, that’s right but don’t you see anything strange?
Customs Officer A: Your skeleton is moving!
Odd: Uh…oh, that’s Kiwi! Kiwi’s my dog!
Customs Officer A: You do know that dogs are only allowed in the luggage compartment?
Odd: Well, yeah, sure, uh…I don’t know what happened! He was supposed to stay here! With my grandma, but…
(Odd’s phone rings while Customs Officer B looks sceptical)
Odd: Oh, it’s Gram! We were just uh talking about you!
Jeremy: What are you talking about, Odd? It’s me, Jeremy!
Odd: Yes, of course I know it’s you, Gram! I’m sorry, I know you told me a hundred times that you don’t like me to call you Gram! Yeah, ok. I’m on my way, right. I’ll bring back the dog. Bye, Gram!

Mr Ishiyama: We should have left over two hours ago!
Yumi: You know how much she loves that dress!
Mr Ishiyama: I don’t even know what dress she’s talking about!
(Mrs Ishiyama opens a window and calls down)
Mrs Ishiyama: I’m coming! I’ll be down in two seconds!
Yumi: Yeah, I doubt that.
(Yumi’s phone rings)
Mrs Ishiyama: You’re going to laugh darling when I tell-
Mr Ishiyama: No, I don’t really feel like laughing. Have you noticed someone is missing in the back seat?!
(The back door is wide open)

Jim: Jeremy can’t be far away! He’ll help us out of this!
Sissi: Jeremy?! Oh that’s pretty reassuring! Nice to know that the closest thing to Bruce Willis is coming to the rescue!

(Odd jumps down in front of Yumi who is carrying Jeremy who is having difficulty walking)
Yumi: Odd! You got in the nick of time!

Sissi: I only stayed in school to find out the secret of Jeremy and his friends ‘cause…the truth is I’ve been wanting to be a part of their group for ages, but it seems so hopeless…do you understand what I mean?
(Jim hasn’t listened as he’s watching the door to see if the smoke has made it inside)
Jim: Huh? No. All I understand is there’s no ventilation in here! We’re going to run out of oxygen soon…
Sissi: I’d better stop talking then, right?
(Jim looks worried)
Sissi: Ok, I can take a hint.

Yumi: Have you seen any monsters?
Aelita: Not yet.
Odd: Guess you didn’t look very hard!

Odd: What about us? What do you think we’re doing, huh? Getting a suntan?

Jim: There, you see, Sissi? I told you he’d come and rescue us! …what the…Ulrich!
Sissi: Oh! He came for me! Oh, he came to save me! It’s just like I’ve always dreamed!

(Odd faces the Kankrelat about to shoot Aelita)
Odd: Hey you! That’s right, you!

Ulrich: I don’t understand why you insist on getting punished with detention again, Jeremy! Come on, XANA’s not going to reactivate this soon! You could give yourself a short vacation.
Jeremy: Not as long as Aelita stays virtual. And this time, to tell you the truth…heh, considering what we painted, Jim can’t be too angry!
(Shot of the graffiti of Jim with a crown and emperor’s cloak)
Ulrich: Come to think of it, heh, I’m going to stick around! Anything is better than another one of Ms Schmidt’s math lessons!


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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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