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#22 - Mutiny (Evolution)
Screenplay: Diane Morel - Synopsis: David Carayon
First aired in France on 29 July 2013 (Megamax (Hungary))

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Official summary
Note: this summary has been translated by a fan, and is therefore unofficial.

Laura doesn't understand that Jeremy won't infect the Cortex's supercomputer with their virus to destroy Xana and remove it as a threat once and for all. She convinces William to help her to act in secret, persuaded that she's better than the others and is stopping a worldwide catastrophe from happening. But once in the Cortex, the unthinkable happens: William is xanafied!!!

Detailed summary
Laura and Jeremy are working together on the virus in the lab. Jeremy looks frustrated, so Laura asks to take over. She types for a while, then hits enter. The computer beeps and Laura smiles. The virus is complete: they can now destroy the Cortex and XANA whenever they decide.

The two geniuses get into the lift to return to the school, but Laura is concerned about something. If their virus is so perfect, why not implant it now and get it over and done with? Jeremy sternly reminds her of the consequences: not only will it neutralise XANA, but it will also destroy the Cortex's supercomputer, getting rid of their only way to find Aelita's mother. Laura insists that it's a ridiculous idea, as XANA is a real danger that shouldn't be taken lightly, but Jeremy assures her that he knows what he's doing.

Back at the school, William runs into Yumi and offers her a book of poetry he thought she might like, but she explains that she has a maths test to study for and runs off. Laura has been watching from behind a pillar, noticing a golden opportunity. She approaches him, telling him that they are very alike and misunderstood, and invites him to join her cause and destroy XANA now so it all can be over. William doesn't say a word, but he nods in consent.

Jim has set up an obstacle course around the grounds for PE class, and it counts double for their grade point average, which is terrible news for Jeremy! Aelita then notices that William isn't there. Ulrich suggests that he may be trying to arrive at the last minute to show off, which is something he would surely do, but Yumi looks worried.

But William isn't planning on showing up for the class; he is with Laura in the tunnels, questioning her decision to go at that very moment and with just the two of them. After some reassuring they continue towards the lab.
William is transferred to Sector Five where he reaches the Skidbladnir and takes his place in the cockpit.

Back at the obstacle course, Yumi talks to Aelita about William's absence. It's not like him to miss an opportunity like this. She decides to leave and find out where he is, asking Aelita to cover for her.

Once in the Digital Sea, William is feeling somewhat nervous and relates the experience to being captain of the Titanic. Laura can see some sort of monster coming up on the screen, lying in ambush. They're Kongres, three of them! Brimming with confidence, William faces them off using the cockpit's torpedoes. He soon makes it to the Cortex, standing overlooking the landscape while Laura works on getting him the Megapod.

Yumi wanders through the forest in search of William, stumbling across the book of poetry dropped on the ground in front of the tunnel entrance. She inspects the manhole, pulling out her phone to tell Aelita the news. She's heading to the lab.

Laura is having difficulty programming the vehicle, as she's never done it before. William urges her on as four Krabes appear, calling out his sword and charging into battle. He doesn't fare well; he severs one Krabe's leg, but there are too many to fight on his own.

As the Krabes push William towards the edge of the platform, a sinister growling sounds behind him. A different monster rises's the Scyphozoa! William turns around to face it and his face twists in terror. He screams at Laura to devirtualise him, but Laura doesn't understand the threat the Scyphozoa poses, demanding to know which one he wants: the Megapod or devirtualisation. William gets impatient, declaring he'll do it himself and reaching for his sword...but a Krabe's leg impales the weapon, causing it to vanish. There are six Krabes now, surrounding William menacingly.

Yumi enters the lab and finds Laura at the terminal. She tries to get an answer out of her, but Laura doesn't answer, continuing to type away at the keyboard as she insists that she's in control. The Megapod still isn't arriving. Yumi figures out where William is and asks Laura to step out of the computer chair so she can talk to him.

The Scyphozoa raises its tentacles, pointing them at William. He turns and tries to run, but the monster lunges forward, embedding its tentacles into his back. William falls to his hands and knees and something begins to drain from his body. On the computer screen, his icon slowly turns to black. William slowly raises his head to reveal the eye of XANA on his forehead. A black aura surrounds his form and the orange parts of his suit become green. William is under XANA's control.

Laura doesn't understand what's going on, so Yumi explains, trying to keep calm. Laura had no idea about the Scyphozoa or William being possessed for all those months, and Yumi becomes both disappointed in and frustrated at her, questioning how on Earth she could consider herself better than the rest of them, who have years of experience. She calls Aelita.

The others duck behind pillars during the obstacle course to discuss the situation. Jeremy points out that not only has William been endangered, but also the virus. If that falls into XANA's hands, the AI will be able to develop counter-measures and Jeremy will have to start all over again. They agree that Odd will stay behind because he's the best at dealing with Jim while the rest of them go to the lab and try to save William.

In the lab, Laura still sticks to her guns on her cause, believing that she was right not hesitating to take risks, but Yumi points out that William was the one taking the risks, not her. Laura cannot respond to this. Jeremy enters, sending Yumi to the scanner room. He asks about the virus and Laura tells him that William didn't have it on him. The virus may be safe, but William is not. The virtualisation is launched.

Back at the school, Odd is trailing behind the rest of the students. He stops to catch his breath in front of Jim, explaining that he had to take Jeremy to the infirmary, and that the others are all in front of him.
After completing another lap Jim insists that he still hasn't seen the others, but Odd tells him that he is now in front, and that they will be arriving shortly.

On the Cortex, William is nowhere in sight. Jeremy sends in the Megapod. After some trouble with Kankrelats virtualising on top of the Megapod and attacking, the monsters are destroyed and the group continues on their way.
Arriving at the Dome, Aelita, Ulrich and Yumi are quickly surrounded by eight Krabes, led by the possessed William, suspended in the air by the Scyphozoa's tentacles. The gang takes cover beneath the Megapod to plan their course of action. They note that the Scyphozoa is constantly connected to William, so it can't be a full possession; if they sever the connection William will be freed and the Krabes will have no-one to follow, but they don't see a way of getting close enough to do that. They then come up with the idea of trying to reason with William so someone can sneak up on him, and Ulrich volunteers.

Aelita and Yumi cover Ulrich as he approaches the black-haired boy, weapons sheathed. The girls put their weapons away and slowly follow Ulrich as he approaches the Scyphozoa's victim, the Krabes watching their every move. Ulrich insists that William is still in there, and the XANA Warrior materialises his sword. The two begin to fight.

Odd arrives and heads to the scanner room, but the others have to act now. Aelita and Yumi take care of the Krabes while Ulrich and William duel. William becomes completely engrossed in battling his rival, and doesn't notice Yumi coming up to sever the tentacles from his back. He falls into Ulrich's arms as the Scyphozoa and Krabes explode into red particles.
His black aura gone William has returned to normal, thanking the others for saving him. This is when Odd arrives ready to kick some monster butt, only to be very disappointed at the empty landscape.

Jeremy puts his foot down: Laura has gone too far this time, endangering both William and the virus they worked so hard on. He tells her that he is going to return to the past and erase her memory. Laura doesn't seem worried about it; the program won't work on her. But Jeremy states that by accentuating the space-time curvature he can make the quantum Supercomputer focus on her, and he can in fact erase all her memories of the factory, lab and Lyoko. And he does just that.

- Attack: No activated tower. Use the Scyphozoa to half-possess William.
- Virtualisations: William; Yumi/Ulrich/Aelita; Odd
- Devirtualisations: None
- Visited Sector: Sector Five; Digital Sea; the Cortex
- Enemies met: Krabes (8); the Scyphozoa; Kankrelats (11)

- Source codes remaining: Not revealed
- XANA's power: Not revealed


About the series

- French title: Mutinerie

About references

- William: “I vaguely get the impression of being the captain of the Titanic…”
The Titanic was a massive passenger liner bound from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The boat sank when it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean, killing over 1500 people.




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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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