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#60 - Temporary Insanity (Season 3)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Jean-Rémi François & Bruno Merle
First aired in France on 1 November 2006 (Canal J)
First aired in the USA on 16 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Returning from a mission in Sector 5, Ulrich and Odd find themselves victims of a peculiar phenomenon: even though they are back in the real world, they believe they are still on Lyoko, fighting against XANA’s monsters. To them, the Headmaster appears to be nothing but a horrible Megatank which must be eliminated; in their eyes, Jim, Sissi and the other students are just Krabs or Roaches that must be wiped out… Jeremy finds a way to return the pair to their senses but the two “crazies” have been hospitalized and getting them out of the hospital will be no small feat. To make matters worse, the clock is ticking as XANA has launched an attack in Sector 5 to destroy the Heart of Lyoko…

Detailed summary
Like many times before, the episode opens on the Celestial Dome in Sector 5 where a fight has broken out between the heroes and a trio of Mantas, while Aelita works on the interface to find data on her father!

The combat turns to the heroes’ advantage but suddenly, a strange event occurs: two Mantas start flying with their underbellies facing one another, and fire a red laser that hits Odd and Ulrich on the Overboard. The monsters destroyed, the two teens keep a worrying red aura for a moment more before being suddenly devirtualised!

Worried, Jeremy wants to examine Odd and Ulrich. Unfortunately he’s reminded that they don’t have time: their art teacher is waiting for them for a theatrical rehearsal at the school!
Arriving to perform a scene of Cyrano de Bergerac, the students start to rehearse the play when suddenly Odd, then Ulrich, start to shout Lyoko-related things out of the blue. Only Mr Chardin seems enthralled by their “modern” theatrical approach. While Yumi, Aelita and Jeremy worry frightfully, Ulrich and Odd start to attack members of the audience, calling them Krabes, Tarantulas and other monsters! Jim restrains the two disturbed students and an ambulance is called.

The two hospitalised boys are first put under observation, then restrained in their beds. At the factory, Jeremy develops a program to fix his friends’ psychological behaviour, but for that, they need to be taken to a Way Tower. Yumi and Aelita are responsible for going and get the two madmen and taking them back to the factory. The task is daunting: a police car is on their heels and Ulrich affronts the policemen heroically, thinking them to be a Megatank!

Suffice to say that everyone is relieved when the group makes it to the factory safe and sound, heading to the scanner room. However, they haven’t won yet.

Meanwhile XANA has started attacking the Core and one of the shield layers has already gone! To add to their bad luck, once on Lyoko, the insanity has the opposite effect: Odd and Ulrich imagine they’re on Earth!

Yumi rushes to the Core of Lyoko, leaving Aelita with the difficult job of bringing the two crazy teens to the Way Tower.
Yumi crosses Sector 5 as Aelita fights monsters, without being able to count on the two boys. Combining her powers, she manages to get them to the Tower where Jeremy administers the antidote.

This done, the trio heads to Sector 5 to help Yumi.

They arrive at the moment when she’s devirtualised, with two Mantas yet to be exterminated. One of them is gotten rid of quickly and the three fighters make their way to the top of the Core Chamber.

The second shield layer blows! The Manta, hesitating to take care of its adversaries, would rather give the final blow to the Core of Lyoko! Aelita throws herself in the way as a human shield and takes the shot instead, just before throwing an energy field against the monster.

The menace has been vanquished and Jeremy launches a Return to the Past!

Now all our heroes need to do is perform the scene from Cyrano de Bergerac again, and remark that Mr Chardin still prefers the crazier version…

- Attack: Render Odd and Ulrich crazy and non-threatening, then take advantage of this to attack the Core of Lyoko.
- Virtualisations: Yumi/Aelita/Ulrich/Odd [twice each]
- Visited Sectors: Sector 5; Ice
- Enemies met: Mantas (3); Tarantula (1); Kankrelats (2); Mantas (3)

- Return to the past to erase memories of the trouble caused during Odd and Ulrich’s stupor.


About the characters

- First episode in which Jim cries.
- Second time a character other than Ulrich holds his sword.
- Third time Ulrich rides the Overboard.
- The hospital nurse (Chantal Phan) practises aikido.
- Jim wrote a one-scene play.

About errors

- The door to Jeremy’s room is dark blue instead of grey.
- The marks under Sissi’s eyes (actually the Tarantula) are absent.
- The factory microphone disappears from Jeremy’s ear when he says the Mantas are arriving at 10 o’clock and it changes constantly (wired or wireless)
- Jeremy looks at the Holosphere for Sector 5 during a sequence after the first shield has been destroyed. But on the Holosphere, the two projections are still there!
- The principal’s eyebrows are grey when Mr Chardin talks about what Odd and Ulrich are doing, as well as when Ulrich falls. Herb’s hair is entirely black at that same moment.

About the series

- French title: Tarentule au plafond

- First time both shields on the Core are destroyed.
- Ulrich and Odd’s hospital room is the same one Sissi was in during episode 50, “Contact”.
- Mr Chardin makes an allusion to the Romeo and Juliet performance held the year before! It happened in episode 15, “Laughing Fit”.
- First and only episode in which the episode title screen is decorated not with a tower, but with a Holomap, where the Forest and Desert Sectors are absent after their destruction in episodes 54 “Lyoko Minus One” and 58 “The Pretender”.
- In this episode, the animators drew in many secondary characters not seen since seasons 1 and 2! We can see doctors from episode 37 “Common Interest” and the nurse from episode 50 “Contact” at the hospital, JT and Edna from episode 45 “Cold War,” the policemen from episode 3 “Holiday in the Fog,” the bus driver from episode 4 “Log Book” (though he was in episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One” also), the ambulance driver from episode 18 “Killer Music,” and even the art teacher Mr Chardin!
- The hospital receptionist is reading Sumo magazine, recurring several times in the series, often read by Jim or Ulrich.
- Yumi’s line in the play, “In truth, I seem to speak from distant heights!” was spoken by Odd in the first run-through before the return trip.

About references

- The play performed by the heroes is the French play Cyrano de Bergerac. It’s a great success about a big-nosed character that has been in love with a beautiful woman for a long time, another whom he helps seduce her and other world-renowned, now stereotypical, characters!
A famous line of Cyrano’s is “It’s a rock! ... A peak! ... A cape! What’s that, it’s a cape? … Forsooth! It’s a peninsula!”
In this episode, we see the scene on the balcony, where Cyrano dictates the words of another character trying to charm Roxane, who Cyrano is actually in love with!

- Nurse: “Sorry young man, but I’m a tenth dan in aikido.”
Aikido is a budō; a method of education through a Japanese martial arts style.

- Old woman: “Game of tiddlywinks?”
Tiddlywinks is a game in which small plastic counters are flicked into a central area by being pressed on the edge with a larger counter.


Yumi: What took you so long? I almost didn’t wait!
Odd: Just having a word with Lucy-Anne!
Yumi: Lucy-Anne?
Odd: Yeah, you know, Lucy-Anne! I love giving nicknames to the monsters I blow to smithereens!

(Ulrich destroys “Lucy-Anne”)
Ulrich: Guess she wasn’t too crazy about her name!

(Odd catches Ulrich’s sword)
Odd: You oughta take better care of your stuff, Ulrich!

Odd: Buckle up, Shirley!

Odd: Ethel! Erick! Get back here right now!
Ulrich: Odd, cut it out with your dumb names, huh?

Odd: Two great legs, a svelte torso, two little arms, and a good-looking head! No, nothing missing!

Jeremy: I have to look back over the quantum sequence to track any possible abnormalities in the access data.
Yumi: Mind translating that, Einstein?
Aelita: He has to carry out a full check.

Nicolas: Boooooooooo! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back! We want our money back!
Jim: Poliakoff, do you mind using your head for once?! How can you get money back from a show that’s totally free?!

Jim: Theatre, don’t forget, is sacred!
(The students look sceptical)
Jim: Believe me, I know from experience, haha. Years ago I even wrote a one-act…well, uh, it was more of a one-scene play!
Herb: Oh, really? What was it about, Jim?
Jim: Hmm…I’d rather not talk about it.

Mr Delmas: Well mister Chardin, what made you choose Cyrano de Bergerac for this year’s performance? The elegance of the text, I imagine? Or the tragedy of unrequited love, or perhaps it appeals to your true but hidden romantic nature?
Mr Chardin: Lack of money.
Mr Delmas: Oh…
Mr Chardin: Since we had no choice, we had to use last year’s Romeo and Juliet set, and the costumes. I had to find another play that had a balcony. So, Cyrano.

Ulrich: Roxane!
Yumi: Who calls me?
Ulrich: It is I, Christian!
Yumi: Today your words are hesitant.
Odd: Night has come. In the dusk they grope their way to find your ear.
Yumi: But my words find no such impediment…
Odd: They find their way at once? Oh small wonder, that, for it is within my heart they find their home. Methink how large my heart, how small your ear… And from their fair heights descending, words fall fast. But mine must mouth, Madame, they need more LASER ARROWS!
(Odd mimes shooting laser arrows at the audience as his friends watch on, appalled)
Yumi: Oh! Methinks that your last words have learned to climb!
(Odd looks at his hand, puzzled, before pretending to act natural and continuing to act)
Odd: With practice such gymnastics girl as hard! In truth, I seem to speak from distant heights!
Ulrich: Two Kankrelats, dead ahead!
Odd: True, far above at such a height, t’were death if…oh, ok, I’ll get them!
Mr Delmas: Stern! Della Robbia! What are you babbling about?!
Mr Chardin: Please sir, keep it down! Don’t you know cutting-edge theatre when you see it? It’s a modern approach! Somehow between the bold soprano and a deadly karate man!
Odd: Take that, you old Krabe!
(Odd jumps up as if on Lyoko…but falls violently to the floor!)
Odd: Ulrich, help me! I’m hit!

Ulrich: Yumi, what are you doing? You made me miss the Megatank!
(The “Megatank” in question is actually Sissi)
Aelita: Odd, what’s gotten into you?!
Odd: Out of the way, Aelita! I can’t see the Krabe!

Odd: Does XANA have a broken hard disk or what? The Krabe sounds a lot like Delmas!
Ulrich: Odd, watch out! A Blok at four o’clock!
(Ulrich sees a Blok where Jim is standing)
Jim: Blok? You’re the blockhead, Stern!
(Ulrich shoves Yumi away and rushes at Jim, a stick raised like his Lyoko sabre, but the teacher grabs and restrains him)
Jim: Quick, someone call an ambulance! Stern and Della Robbia have totally lost it!

(Odd and Ulrich are being taken to the hospital in an ambulance)
Odd: Jeremy! Reload me! Two Tarantulas are getting the better of us!
Ulrich: We’re stuck in another of XANA’s traps!
Odd: Yumi! Do something!

Mr Delmas: Mmmhm…so this is what happens when you spend hours playing video games and watching cartoons on TV…!

Nurse (Chantal Phan): Now, tell me: are you having some problems at the moment? Are you sleeping well?
(Ulrich and Odd look at her stunned, seeing a Blok where she stands!)
Nurse: Nightmares? Restless nights?
(View of the Blok who, to Odd and Ulrich, is asking them questions in the doctor’s voice)
Nurse: Troubles at school? With your parents?
Odd: Take that, you rotten old Blok!
(The nurse writes on her clipboard)
Nurse: Rotten…old…Blok…interesting!

Yumi: Hello…we’re here to see Ulrich Stern and Odd Della Robbia.
Receptionist: I’m sorry, but they’re both under observation. No visitors allowed.
Yumi: Thanks a lot. Sorry we interrupted you.

Odd: Aelita, watch out for the Krabes!
Aelita: What Krabes?
Ulrich: The ones blocking us!
(Aelita starts to play along)
Aelita: Energy field! That’s one down!
Odd: Nice job! That Krabe just wouldn’t let go of me! I think it was love at first bite!

Old woman: Game of tiddlywinks?
(Shot of an old trembling woman with crooked teeth, looking at Yumi hopefully)

Old woman: Whoever wins gets to take the other person’s medicine! Well, what do you say?
Yumi: Huh? Uh…no thanks, another time! (she bows)
Old woman: What is going on around here?! If you didn’t come for a game of tiddlywinks, then what are you doing in my room, young lady?!
Yumi: Well, uh…
Old woman: You little rascal, you! Get out, or I’ll call the nurse!

Ulrich: Go ahead! I’ll take care of the Megatank!
Yumi: Ulrich, no!
(Ulrich believes he’s up against a Megatank, but in reality it’s a police car. Ulrich leaps, like on Lyoko. The car avoids him just in time)
Ulrich: That should take care of them!

Odd: Oh wow! It’s empty out here, not a kid in sight!
(View of the Ice Sector…for Yumi, but for Odd and Ulrich, they think they’re at school!)
Ulrich: Guess they’re all in the lunchroom!
Yumi: Uh…yeah.

Aelita: Let’s go to the um…lunchroom!
Odd: I’m starving!

(Odd and Ulrich keep walking carefree towards a Tarantula flanked by two Kankrelats, believing them to be Sissi, Herb and Nicolas)
Odd: Hey, Sissi, in a bad mood? You break the scale this morning?

(The two boys run straight into Aelita’s ice wall and touch the wall without seeing it, completely confused)
Ulrich: What’s this?
Odd: Did they put Sissi and her pals in a display case or what?

Jeremy: A big, white stretch limo is on the way!

Ulrich: D’oh…who’s the dork that pushed me into Sissi’s arms?

Aelita: Energy field!
(Aelita destroys the second Kankrelat)
Odd: Energy field? You think we’re on Lyoko or something?

(A laser hits Ulrich in the arm)
Ulrich: Ah! Something just stung me!

Aelita: That way, hurry up!
Odd: No, the lunchroom is that way!
Aelita: Ugh…listen to me, both of you! You’re going to do exactly as I say and no questions, got that?
Ulrich: Ok…
Odd: Ok…

Aelita: Now get in there, that’s an order!
Odd and Ulrich: Ma’am, yes ma’am!

Ulrich: But what are we doing inside a Way Tower?
Odd: I don’t get it! Shouldn’t be we in the lunchroom?

Yumi: Well?
Odd: Well what? Laser arrow!
(The two girls recoil, surprised)
Odd: Nah! Just kidding, ladies!
Yumi and Aelita: Very funny.
Jeremy: Right. Well it’s a good thing that while some people are clowning around, others keep working!

Yumi: Methinks that your last words have learned to climb!
Odd: With practice such gymnastics girl as hard!
Yumi: In truth, I seem to speak from distant heights!
Odd: True, far above at such a height, t’were death if a hard word from you fell upon my heart!
Mr Chardin: Stop, stop, stop!
(Yumi, Ulrich and Odd stop and turn to the teacher, surprised)
Mr Chardin: It’s not bad, but you’re not there, not just yet. What it’s missing is a bit more, um…
Ulrich: More passion?
Mr Chardin: No, no, some…
Jim: Some popcorn?
Mr Chardin: No.
Mr Delmas: More funding?
Mr Chardin: That would be good, but uh…
Odd: A touch of insanity?
Mr Chardin: Exactly, yes! That’s it!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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