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Shaken (Comic from the official magazine)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Manusapo
Published on 4 July 2007 (CL Magazine no. 1)

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Official summary
A Code Lyoko comic:
An unaired story about your favourite heroes, confronted by the terrible XANA, and a real estate developer…

It's a catastrophe for Jeremy, Odd, Aelita and the others: a real estate developer wants to destroy the factory in their local area. And if the factory is destroyed, access to the world o Lyoko is closed off forever. Our friends must therefore find a solution! And if that wasn't enough, XANA launches an attack. Can the heroes of Code Lyoko stop the crisis and save their factory?

Detailed summary
The action starts like episode 27: the kids are racing, only this time it’s between Odd and Yumi, but the result is still the same: Odd ends up crashing his vehicle.
The heroes’ laughter is interrupted by violent earthquakes, affecting the lab as well as Lyoko. Jeremy devirtualises his friends and the heroes go to see what the racket is all about. When they leave, they discover the horror: bulldozers are attacking the factory.
Exchanging a few words with the director of the project, a very cold man, the heroes understand that the situation is critical and that the factory will be destroyed to be replaced by new buildings.
Another worrying problem arises: at the moment of devirtualisation, there was a blackout. As a consequence, Aelita got amnesia…

When they return to the school, the heroes decide to fight back and not let this happen… To stop the machines, Odd tries resorting to sabotage and plugging the exhaust pipes with bananas. His plan would’ve worked, but he’s caught very quickly and the heroes must run for it.
Odd persists with his idea, but when he returns with more bananas, there are guard dogs patrolling the site.

Back at school, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi realise that despite all of Jeremy’s efforts, Aelita’s memory hasn’t come back.
Odd thinks it could be worse…and XANA proves it…by activating a tower!!
To get to the factory entrance, Jeremy has a brilliant idea: he uses a feral cat to distract the guard dogs. The heroes enter the factory.
Jeremy teaches the Code Lyoko to Aelita and then virtualises the foursome of Lyoko Warriors into the Ice Sector.

The welcoming committee is large: 10 Hornets. Luckily, the tower’s not far away. Ulrich leaves with Aelita while Yumi and Odd confront the monsters.
Odd destroys a Hornet early on and Yumi destroys two. The small victory doesn’t do them much good however: they’re both devirtualised.

Nonetheless thanks to an ice slide, Aelita gets to the tower with ease.
Unfortunately, when she arrives inside, she takes a while remembering the Code Lyoko. During that time, the bulldozers burst into the factory and approach the lab… Ulrich is devirtualised, victim of the earthquakes shaking the factory and the Supercomputer, also causing debris to fall on the terminal.

Aelita suddenly remembers the Code and types it in. The Return to the Past is then launched.

The heroes then find a good reason to stop the factory’s destruction: seagulls nesting on their factory make it a protected area. Having warned several associations about the danger facing the birds, if the factory and their habitat are destroyed, not even the developer’s lawyer will be able to get them out of trouble…

- Attack: Unknown.
- Virtualisations: Odd/Ulrich/Aelita/Yumi; Odd/Ulrich/Yumi; Aelita
- Visited Sectors: Desert; Ice
- Enemies met: Bloks (2); Hornets (10)


About errors

The comic contains several inconsistencies according to the cartoon…
- A bulldozer breaks down a wall in the lab, however this room is underground.
- There's a blackout that causes Aelita to have amnesia, but the scanner room and the lab run off the Supercomputer's battery power.
- Jeremy calls virtualisation “dematerialisation”.
- The activated tower doesn't have a red halo.
- Hornets shoot from their beaks instead of their stingers.
- Yumi is devirtualised by Hornet debris.
- Aelita enters the Code Lyoko by saying it instead of putting her hand on the interface.

As well as artistic errors:
- On Lyoko, Yumi doesn't have her white make-up on her face during her race with Odd.
- On Lyoko, the marks under Aelita's eyes are missing in certain panels.
- Jeremy's shoes are white instead of blue in certain panels.
- The top of Aelita's shoes are dark pink instead of white and her boots are pink instead of dark red in every panel in Jeremy's room.
- Odd's pants are the one shade of purple when he's on the factory bridge.
- The splotch in Odd's hair disappears in some panels.

About the series

- The race between Odd and Yumi is similar to the one between Odd and Ulrich at the start of episode 27 “New Order”.
- The story takes place during season 3, as Aelita can be devirtualised without going through a tower.

- Title invented for the sake of the gallery. The comic doesn't actually have one. However, the title given on the release of the standalone comic in hardcover is Panic at the Factory.
- French title: Secouée (Panique à l'usine)
- Illustrator: Ullcer
- Colouring: Ullcer/Janse
- Supervision: Fabrica Saperlosky/Full FX


Aelita (watching Odd and Yumi race): What are they doing?
Ulrich: Being idiots.
Aelita: Oh…

Yumi: What, is that all you can do?
Odd: HUH?!? So? Who's the boss? HEHE…
Yumi: Odd! Look ou…

Ulrich: Yumi = 1, Odd = 0!
Aelita: It's nothing, Odd… The important thing is to participate!
Yumi: Meanwhile, I'M the boss!
Odd: Hey! I challenge you to a rematch when you… waaaaaan…
Aelita: Wha…
Ulrich: Jeremy?
Jeremy: Yes, Ulrich! It's quaking on my end too, come in quickly!!!

Odd: Everyone in one piece?
Jeremy: Where's Aelita? AELITA! Aelita, wake up!
Aelita: Nnnnn… Where am I?
Ulrich: At the factory.
Jeremy: There was a blackout.
Yumi: You know why?
Jeremy: No, everything started shaking.
Odd: Hey! You'd better come see this!

Yumi and Odd: Oh!
Ulrich: Huh?!

Yumi: That's not possible, they're going to destroy the factory!
Ulrich: But what are we going to do?
Jeremy: We have another problem!
Aelita: Who are you? And me, who am I?

Jeremy: Aelita has amnesia!
Ulrich: What do we have to do?
Jeremy: I'm going back to school with her, try to find out more about these demolition guys…

Odd: Hey! Sir, what are you doing here?
Boss: BOY! I should be asking you that, there will be no walking around on my site without a helmet.
Odd: Ah? But you don't have the right to do that!
Boss: Of course I do! And in place of this OLD FACTORY, there will be brand new buildings!
Odd: But you can't do this, it's our factory!
Boss: I CAN do it and I WILL do it, go on, buzz off you little brats before I have you thrown out!
Ulrich: Ok, we're leaving…
Odd: Niak!

Jeremy: So?
Odd: So it's over! They're going to destroy everything…
Ulrich: We can't move the Supercomputer out?
Jeremy: Impossible! I can't even disconnect it…
Yumi: And Aelita?
Jeremy (pensive): She's totally up the creek! She barely remembers my name. We have to find a way to stop the workers!
Odd: I think I have an idea!

Yumi: So, what's this idea?
Odd: Voilà!
Ulrich: BANANAS?! Now's not the time to be stuffing your face…
Odd: No, you're going to see how we're going to stop the machines!!!

Worker: HEY! Get back here, saboteur!!!
Odd: Oops! QUICK! Let's get out of here!

Other worker: They went this way!
Yumi: ODD, do you have any other BRILLIANT ideas?
Ulrich: That was destined to go wrong.
Odd: Hey, guys, the end justifies the means…and now, we have an effective technique! We just have to buy a lot more bananas…

Ulrich: Mind explaining how we'll get back in now?
Odd: Uh! We just have to exchange the bananas for dog food…
Yumi: STOP! Let's forget about this for now…let's go see how Aelita's doing.

Jeremy (holding a photo of the group): And here? Do you recognise anyone?
Aelita (tears in her eyes): No, sorry.
Jeremy: It's not so bad. It's probably temporary. Don't worry, I'll find a solution.
Yumi: Hey!
Jeremy: Give me some good news!
Yumi: We'd like to.
Ulrich: But the site is a veritable fortress.
Odd: It's ok, it could be worse…
Jeremy: IT'S WORSE!! XANA's activated a tower.
Yumi: We have to get back to the factory urgently!
Odd: But how will we deal with the guards…?
Ulrich: Don't forget the dogs!!!
Jeremy: Think about it, what do dogs hate the most?

Jeremy: Good, everyone knows what to do?
Odd, Ulrich and Yumi: Yes!
Jeremy: Go on, kitty…
Jeremy: Let's go!

Jeremy: I'm activating the dematerialisation. Dematerialisation Yumi! Dematerialisation Odd! Dematerialisation Ulrich! It's your turn, Aelita…
Aelita (trembling): Jeremy! I don't remember the code anymore…I don't remember anything anymore.
Jeremy: Don't panic! Remember, CODE LYOKO! Repeat it with me…
Aelita: Code Lyoko…ok…
Jeremy: Dematerialisation Aelita!
Aelita: Oh…
Odd: Aelita, over here!!!

Jeremy: Listen up… XANA's tower is 800m north of your position…
Yumi: There is is, I see it!
Odd: Yeah, and that's not the only thing I see!!

Ulrich: Take care of them…I'll cover Aelita.
Yumi and Odd: Ok!

Ulrich: This should do!
Aelita: What should… dooooooooooo…?
Ulrich: YAHAAAAA!!!

Odd (to the Hornets): OVER HERE, BUDDIES!
Jeremy: Oh no… Trouble!!! …

Ulrich: We're there! Aelita, it's your turn.

Yumi: Paradise isn't where you're going, you beast! One of my… NOOOOO!
Jeremy: YUMI!
Yumi: I'm ok, what's going on here?
Jeremy: The Supercomputer's taken a hit…

Aelita (thinking): I'm inside… Now the code…
Odd: Hurry, Aelita…we can't hold on for…long…aaarghhh…

Aelita (thinking): Code Moko…no Code Koko…no it's not that!!! Jeremy, HELP…
Jeremy: We're not out of the woods yet…

Ulrich: Oh, no…not thaaaaaat…
Aelita: UUNNNG!!! Mmmmpfff… The code…of course! CODE LYOKO!!!!

Boss: My dear friends, in a few moments we will start the biggest building project in the region…
Jeremy: I doubt that!!!!
Boss: Ah! Might I ask WHY?

Jeremy: The river seagull is a protected species and you're going to destroy its habitat!
Yumi: That's illegal!
Ulrich: And it can cost you dearly!!!
Boss: ACCURSED ECOLOGISTS!!! I'm calling my lawyer, he'll sort it all out…come on, we're packing up.
Aelita: You think that'll work?
Jeremy: I've already sent letters to all the conservation organisations. The whole world knows about this!
Odd: You're the best, Jeremy!
Jeremy: NO! We're the best…TOGETHER!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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